Measuring: Step By Step


How to Measure the Room


Here are a few steps to follow to obtain an accurate measurement of a room:



Measure the room

Make sure that all of your measurements are in inches, and as accurate as possible. Start in one corner and measure along the length of the wall to the opposing corner, Record the measurement of the wall on your sketch and label the walls (wall #1, wall #2). Measure the next wall’s length and continue these steps until all walls have been recorded.



Identify & measure unmovable obstructions

Draw in and label any obstructions such as radiators, pipes, sink Plumbing, etc. that you either can not, or do not, want moved. If the obstruction is close to a wall, measure out from the wall to the edge of the obstruction.


Be sure to record the dimensions of each appliance. Start by measuring the Width, Height, and Depth.


Refrigerator ____W x ____H x ____D   Range Hood ____W x ____H x ____D
Range ____W x ____H x ____D   Sink ____W x ____H x ____D
Dishwasher ____W x ____H x ____D   Trash Compactor ____W x ____H x ____D
Microwave ____W x ____H x ____D   Oven (wall mount) ____W x ____H x ____D
Cooktop ____W x ____H x ____D      



Label & measure doors & windows

When you are measuring doors and windows, remember to measure from the outside of the trim on one side to the outside of the trim on the other side. As you are measuring, write down the measurements on the sheet of paper where you have already labeled them.

Measure from the floor to the bottom of each window, and write that down. Then measure from the bottom of the window to the top of the window, and write that down.


  Distance from Floor to Bottom of Window Height of Window Including Trim
Window 1: (inches) (inches)
Window 2: (inches) (inches)
Window 3: (inches) (inches)
Window 4: (inches) (inches)
Window 5: (inches) (inches)
Window 6: (inches) (inches)



Measure the height of ceiling

Measure the ceiling height and write it in the center of your drawing. You might want to measure the ceiling in a few different spots because the height of the ceiling may change around the room.



Check your measurements

If your room is rectangular, add up the measurements of the parallel walls and make sure they match. Then do the same with the bottom wall. Once you have added each wall measurements check the totals to see if they match.


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